Government Contracting

Government contractors have unique accounting and contract administration needs to make sure they stay compliant with FAR/DFAR regulations. Our team members have worked in the government contracting arena as leaders both of local businesses and in public accounting. We have a group that not only solves the accounting aspects of the business but also understands the entire business operations function and helps our contractors succeed in their market.

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Industry News

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Government Contracting News

How Do We Serve This Industry?

  • FAR/DFAR interpretation and compliance
  • Assist with Government Contract accounting systems
  • Prepare Government Contracts policies and procedures
  • Assist in DCAA/DCMA audits
  • Cost Proposal support and development


Our Government Contract consultants have combined experience of more than 100 years in Government Contract accounting and contract administration roles. We have CFOs, contract managers and accountants who have real-world government contracting experience.

We provide full accounting services to over 40 government contracting clients.

We’ve performed full accounting and contract administration services for the same government contractor for over 15 years, moving with them from QuickBooks to GCS to JAMIS.

Industry Relationships

  • Defense Contract Audit Agency
  • Defense Contract Management Agency
  • National Contract Management Agency
  • Partnership with JAMIS
  • Partnership with Deltek
  • Partnership with Unanet

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