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Since our founding in 1991, community outreach has been a key component of BMSS’ identity. After years of service days, in 2022 we formed BMSS Legacy, an internal initiative to plan volunteer days, nurture relationships with local organizations and run our grant program. Our goal is to leave a legacy for others in our communities by providing time, talents and financial support to aid individuals and families who are financially disadvantaged, lack access to basic health and human services, or are otherwise disadvantaged.

2023 In Review


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Learn more about our previous Serve Days

BMSS Legacy Continues Fall Serve Day Initiative

Throughout the fall of 2023, employees from BMSS Advisors & CPAs’ Family of Companies participated in the annual serve days, continuing a long-standing tradition of partnering with local charitable organizations.

BMSS Legacy Continues Bi-Annual Local Service Initiative

Over the month of November, the BMSS Advisors & CPAs family of companies participated in fall Serve Days, continuing the tradition of partnering with local charitable organizations.   Bi-annual serve

BMSS Legacy Continues the Tradition of Community Service

BMSS Advisors & CPAs employees continue the tradition of serving the communities in which they live and work with a spring BMSS Serve Day on Thursday, May 12th. In Birmingham,

Hear from our Legacy Committee

BMSS Legacy is dedicated to leaving a lasting impact in our communities by offering our time, talents, and financial support to nonprofit organizations. We focus on aiding individuals and families who face financial hardships, lack access to essential health and human services, or need assistance to secure basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.

  • We provide Serve Day opportunities where employees can use their paid volunteer hours. We also have a donor-advised fund. Employees can contribute to the fund and can also apply for grants from the fund for 501c3 organizations that they are passionate about.

    BMSS Legacy Head, Kate Fluker

  • BMSS legacy strives to serve our community by matching skills, interest and passions of volunteers in our office that are useful in serving the needs of our community. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel when we can partner with established organizations in our areas that already do great work day to day.

    Birmingham BMSS Legacy Representative, Molly Stone

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