The accounting aspect of any business isn’t the star of the show.

There is no red carpet, no superstar excitement and certainly no fanfare and limelight. At BMSS, we feel differently. Every great business needs great accounting, just like every great pilot needs a top-notch wingman. Decisions can’t be made and futures can’t be planned without accurate and up-to-date financial information. From fledgling start-ups to established organizations, a solid accounting system is fundamental to success. When choosing a firm to handle your accounting needs, keep in mind the importance of finding just the right fit. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking accounting services are a commodity that can be provided by any CPA firm. Nothing could be further from the truth. Choose a large firm and you may quickly feel insignificant and over billed. Choose a small firm and you may find an inexperienced staff and outdated procedures. Choose BMSS to get the perfect mix of client service, expertise, reasonable rates and good ol’ fashioned values.

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Heighten your financial assurance with our accounting and auditing services. Here are just a few of the ways BMSS can assist you:


Our experienced professionals can provide you with a comprehensive audit, examining and verifying the integrity of your financial records with efficiency and timeliness, while maintaining communication throughout the process so that you are informed every step of the way. There should be no surprises when the final product is delivered.


Let us assist you with your business’ financial assurance, delivering thorough review engagement expertise to uphold the accuracy and reliability of your financial statements for reporting requirements.


Boost your financial clarity with our accounting services. Our professionals can provide you with compilation expertise, organizing and presenting your financial information with precision and efficiency.

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