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Business owners like you know that excellent customer service is crucial to your business, and you value it as a top priority. This is exactly why you need a CPA with the same client-service philosophy. Owning and managing a hospitality company, such as a restaurant, retail store or franchise, requires balancing real issues to maximize profitability and enhance success. Your business requires continuous cash-flow planning and timely financial statements that are regularly reviewed and used as a management tool. BMSS’ expertise goes far beyond traditional accounting and tax services. We help clients like you make the most of current depreciation laws, secure refinancing of equipment, consult on product profitability and build incentive plans and benefit programs to attract and retain the very best employees.

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Industry News

  • The Year Ahead in Hospitality: Embracing Opportunities, Mitigating Risk
Consumer Business News

How Do We Serve This Industry?

  • Consult on entity structure, investment and funding strategies
  • Tax planning for depreciation rules unique to retail space and restaurants
  • Cost segregation analysis
  • ACA hours management
  • Business valuation services for potential purchases or sales


Our members have worked with retail companies in the early stages of projections and financing all the way up to $598 million in revenue.

BMSS provides financial reporting and tax compliance for a retail franchisee with over 50 locations. 

We assist out clients in determining the percentage of their gift cards eligible for extended deferral to maximize possible tax benefits. 

Industry Relationships

  • Alabama Retail Association
  • Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants State and Local Tax Committee