Private Equity & Venture Capital

The private equity market is a complex one where the demand for qualified acquisitions is high, making the competition fierce. How do you navigate the complexity of the decisions involved in pursuing the best bang for your buck? Allow BMSS to come alongside your team and we’ll walk this road together, start to finish. We have worked with numerous companies either owned by private equity or who have a venture capital infusion, and we understand the unique viewpoint that investors have when it comes to a portfolio company. We work with clients at the fund level, preparing investor reporting, maintaining complex “cap tables,” preparing federal and state income tax returns and performing financial statement audits. We understand there is a unique vantage point from an investor who is not hands-on in the day-to-day running of this business. Whether implementing our transaction-advisory, audit, tax or consulting services, we deliver a custom engagement that will reflect your specific needs and circumstances.

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How Do We Serve This Industry?

  • Consult on acquisitions to determine if the opportunity is a viable candidate for your platform
  • Bring clarity to investors on internal accounting issues at the portfolio company
  • Conduct intangible asset identification and valuation on the portfolio company
  • Business valuation analysis for potential purchases or sales
  • Structure non-equity-based incentive plans for key executives


We have worked with over 50 companies that were owned by private equity and/or venture capital.

BMSS has worked on client portfolio companies from California to NYC to Texas to Chicago.

BMSS served as the accounting control function for a $500 million hedge fund based in New England.

Industry Relationships

  • Birmingham Venture Club
  • Innovation Depot