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Manufacturers today are facing some very challenging times with the influx of global imports, rapidly changing technologies and an ever-changing economic landscape. Success in this sector demands swift management decisions, accurate prediction of future trends and the ability to reduce costs and enhance operational efficiencies. Our team has experience working with a variety of manufacturers, including heavy industrial machinery, cement, furniture and workspace products, rubber products, cabinets and steel. With manufacturing and distribution clients making up a large percentage of our client base, we pride ourselves on being highly skilled with a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing tax laws and industry experience to guide your organization through complicated situations and tough business decisions.

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Manufacturing & Distribution News

How Do We Serve This Industry?

  • Perform inventory observations for multi-state clients
  • GAAP transaction and financial statement consulting
  • Provide due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve cash flow, limit excess inventory and manage receivables
  • Serve as chief financial officer


With more than 200 manufacturing and distribution clients, we work with clients in all stages of the business life cycle, from start-up to more than $375 million in revenue.

We introduced accounting, tax and business changes in one manufacturing client that took them from two consecutive $1 million-loss years into a $1 million-profit year.

Many of our clients have locations in more than one state and ship their products to all 50 states. Some even have products and services being used internationally in over 40 countries.

Industry Relationships

  • Manufacture Alabama
  • Business Council of Alabama
  • Our relationships within BDO Alliance USA give you access to our national and international network of professionals who are well-versed in lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, ERP systems and process-improvement best practices.