As a client of BMSS, you can expect to receive various communications containing information that may be relevant to you or your business.  Those communications come in a variety of ways. In addition to email, the most common types or communications are listed below:



BMSS clients receive our bi-weekly newsletter, Beyond the Bottom Line (BBL), every other Wednesday.  In addition to the newsletter, Hubspot is used to send out invitations to events and webinars, as well as industry-specific and year-end tax information. You should begin receiving these emails shortly. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you have the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of each email.




Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is used to gather survey responses typically after seminars and webinars. In addition, we will periodically send out an industry-specific survey to gather information about your industry in order to gain some knowledge that we can then use to assist you our find out your needs and pain points.




If you attend our seminars and webinars, CPE certificates will be issued through an online provider named LCVista.

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