Campus Recruiting

Our goal at BMSS is to cultivate quality professionals through consistent mentorship and timely project-based feedback so that you can see the full scope of your project and feel confident in your work.

Young professionals are given the opportunity to work in tax, audit and assurance on the general track to guarantee the right fit for your future. If you’re exploring the facets of public accounting our internship offer opportunity to work in other areas like our Client Accounting & Advisory Services, centered around client service operations.

We have an intentional evaluation and promotion process so that your career evolves with you. Our goal is to leave a legacy for the next generation of professionals.

As the individual members of the firm’s senior leadership transition into their perspective retirement, a constant channel of opportunity is created.

Current Job Postings

This Summer Leadership Program (SLP) is for students interested in January – April 2024 internships with BMSS. The program will be hosted on Wednesday, May 17th from 8 AM – 8 PM in our Riverchase Office. You will spend the day learning about a profession in accounting, networking with BMSS professionals from all offices and experiencing our award-winning culture. Applications are now closed.

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