Written by Dalton Hopper, CFE, CVA

In our last BBL newsletter, we shared BDO’s Top 5 Tips when filing an insurance claim after a hurricane. Two months into the official start of hurricane season, August through September are seen as the busiest months of the year for these devastating storms. With that in mind, we wanted to expand on a few of those top five tips, as well as share some additional thoughts from Jason Trahan, Commercial Insurance Claims Practice Leader, at Disaster Recovery Services, a BDO Alliance Business Resource Network firm.

First, have a plan.

  • Whether communicating with employees or customers, arranging for contractors and vendors to help put the pieces back together, or knowing what steps to take first in the aftermath of a storm, planning ahead for a natural disaster is key for recovery.
  • Knowing who will implement these steps as well as when and how to communicate with key stakeholders and employees is a critical step in forming this plan.

Next, review your insurance coverage now.

  • There is no worse time than after a disaster to realize the newly built facility wasn’t added to your organization’s insurance policy.
  • By being proactive and reviewing your coverage before it is needed, you can ensure your policy is current and fully meets your needs.
  • In addition to reviewing your insurance coverage, review standby contracts that may be needed in the event you need to act quickly.
  • What if your business experiences lost production during the time of restoration? Does your policy cover business interruption?

Finally, consider these additional steps when preparing for a natural disaster:

Review your organization’s:

  • Background
  • Risk management plan and resources
  • Policy named locations
  • Insurance coverage and risk appetite
  • Existing business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Disaster recovery planning goals


  • Key areas of improvement
  • Disaster recovery team resources
  • Established rate schedules


  • Disaster recovery strategy and plan
  • Standby contracts for critical services


  • Necessary revisions (changes in locations, value, etc.)
  • Insurance coverages, policy forms, and trends
  • Annual updates

If you have any questions, BMSS can help provide peace of mind by discussing options or resources to assist you in preparing for the unexpected. Call us at (833) CPA-BMSS or visit our website to learn more.

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