Written by: Katherine Aikens, BMSS Opelika team member

Keeping up with all of your accounting records and bookkeeping can be really tough. CFO Advisory Services can solve those problems for you. By outsourcing your accounting needs to a qualified accounting firm, you can understand your company on a deeper level, make more educated decisions, and, overall, run your company more efficiently.

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Accounting Needs

  1. By using an outsourced accountant, you have timely financials. This means that each month, at the same time, you are able to get your hands on the actual financial state of your company.
  2. A benefit of outsourcing your accounting work is that every year, your books are ready for taxes. This means you can file earlier and be done with that process. Tax time can be extremely stressful, but by having your information already done, it can eliminate that stress.
  3. Having a small business consultant is a huge perk of having an outsourced accountant. This person should be able to help you understand your business better and answer most questions you have.
  4. A downside to conducting business is that you might end up with a notice from the government. The upside to having an outsourced accountant is that you can hand that notice to them and they will serve as your advocate and communicate with the government on your behalf.
  5. Another great benefit of having an outsourced accountant is that you have someone that will take care of filing all applicable taxes (sales tax, payroll taxes, withholding taxes, unemployment taxes, etc.), keeping up with all depreciation schedules, keeping up with all of your liability balances, and so much more. This frees you up to run your business!

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