Cynthia Hudson 2016

Written by Cynthia Hudson, CPA 

Talk to anyone who works with a credit union, and you will hear about their members.

Each member is an owner of the credit union, and each credit union works for the betterment of their members to provide low cost loans and thrift opportunities.

Being a member is being a part of a community and coming together to serve one another.

Credit unions have a long, deep history in our nation.  Explore the timeline and see for yourself the how much credit unions have impacted our nation.

  • In 1909 the first credit union is established in New Hampshire
  • The 1934 Federal Credit Union Act
  • The creation of NCUA in 1970
  • NCUSIF in 1985
  • The Credit Union Membership Access Act in 1988

If you think you know all about credit unions, think again!

At MyCreditUnion.Gov you can explore for yourself and for your family.  Learn about finances, saving, spending, loans and retirement with Pocket Cents.

I have been a credit union member for 35 years. I have explored credit unions and they make a difference!

Enjoy the exploration!

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