Written by Joe Turner, Co-founder Vendrix

We all know the pains of using corporate cards and tracking business expenses. Those pains are even greater for construction companies, but the good news is that there is a solution built by a company founded and headquartered right here in Birmingham, AL.

Introducing Vendrix – a corporate card and expense management solution built for construction companies.

With Vendrix, construction finance managers can easily implement controls to enforce their company’s budgets and save tons of time managing and reconciling expenses. Vendrix cards are totally controllable and boast innovative features like receipt capture via sms text message, and real-time project and cost code selection so that cardholders can easily expense purchases right when they happen without waiting until the end of the month. Vendrix also integrates with construction-specific ERP/accounting systems like Viewpoint Spectrum, automating what used to be manual data entry.

Another pain point for construction companies comes from using multiple cards for different types of transactions, for example, fuel cards, store-specific cards, and general purchasing cards. Vendrix aims to combine them all into a one-card solution by providing detailed purchase data on fuel and other transactions from large vendors like Home Depot and Amazon. With Vendrix, managers can put limits on different categories such as fuel, building supplies, and travel and have them charged to different budgets as well.

The founders of Vendrix experienced this problem themselves after working for several years in the construction industry. They are on a mission to help construction companies never have to chase down another receipt or worry about their company’s purchasing cards. Vendrix is already working with several construction companies in Birmingham and many more across the country. Finally, Vendrix charges no fees at all for their cards or software – it’s completely free. For more information, visit our website.

Joe Turner was recently featured in Construction Business Owner magazine. If you’d like to read his article, please click here.




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