Aug 29, 2016

Newest Members to the BMSS Family

We are so thrilled to welcome new members of the BMSS family, (L-R) Tyler Roberts, Austin Gray, Emily Espy, Lauren Sampson, Hannah Piper

Welcome to the BMSS Team!

BMSS would like to welcome the newest members to BMSS!  Emily Espy (2015 Intern), Lauren Sampson (2015-2016 Intern), Hannah Sparkman Piper (2016 Intern), Austin Gray and Tyler Roberts are our newest staff accountants and Margi Patel is returning to BMSS on a part-time basis. Additionally, we would like to welcome Leigh Arnold to PBS and Rhonda Hitchcock to BMSS Wesson.  We are excited about the experience and talent they each bring to BMSS and its sister companies!