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Whistleblower Programs and Compliance: Enhancing Transparency and Accountability through Forensic Accounting

Written by Dalton Hopper, CFE, CVA Whistleblower programs and compliance initiatives have gained significant importance in recent years as organizations and governments strive to enhance transparency, ethical behavior, and accountability.

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Business Personal Property Tax Reminder

It’s time for Business Personal Property Tax Returns! Keep an eye on your mail for the 2022 tax year return from your county, and your OPPAL pin for online filing.

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The Importance of Retaining Tax Records

By: Cooper Melvin, J.D. We discussed in a recent Beyond the Bottom Line that the Biden administration’s tax plans include significant funding increases for the IRS. Therefore, in the coming

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A Tale of Two Accounting Firms: Making Sure Your CPA is Approaching Your Business and Personal Finances Holistically

by Laura K. Watkins, BMSS, Marketing Manager Imagine you are presented with the option of hiring one of two types of fitness trainers. Since we’re approaching warmer weather and trips to the neighborhood pool or

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