Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS)

The best entrepreneurs know when it’s time to shift gears and charge forward with confidence instead of holding back out of fear. The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a complete system that will help you better prepare for obstacles and opportunities, solve issues at the root, and gain more traction in your company.

Over 120,000 companies around the world use timeless, practical EOS tools to run their business.



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EOS will help you and your leadership team get better at three things:


First getting the leaders of your business 100% on the same page with where the company is going and how it is going to get there.


Instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone executes on that vision—every day.


Helping your leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team.

Meet Mark Waters

Mark joined BMSS in 2022 and currently serves as a Professional EOS Implementer®. His involvement in EOS began when his previous company sought to break through a growth ceiling in 2017. EOS was a game changer for the company. It allowed them to break through that ceiling by focusing on strengthening the six components of the business while emphasizing intentional employee coaching to nurture professional growth. With decades of experience managing finance departments, Mark understands what makes businesses tick. His philosophy of “Help First” informs his professional life, ensuring the needs of each client and team member are met.

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