Perspective on Recent Market Volatility from BMSS Wesson

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We are living in one of the many unique times in history triggered by the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) and its impact on global supply chains and healthcare systems. As we all deal with the fallout of COVID-19, one of our greatest challenges is that we have been bombarded with data and often contradictory advice. Some of it is very helpful; some very unhelpful and dangerous. It can be overwhelming.

Right now, having a calm, accurate perspective is necessary, especially when making significant life and investment decisions. One of the best perspectives on COVID-19 we have seen over the past week came from Dr. Finny Kuruvilla at Eventide Asset Management. Dr. Kuruvilla serves as Chief Investment Officer of a healthcare focused investment fund and previously earned his MD and PhD from Harvard. He is a very reputable source along with the researchers and doctors referenced in his presentation. BMSS Wesson Wealth Solutions has some client portfolios invested in Eventide Asset Management funds.

In addition to taking an evidence and process-based approach to investing in the current environment, we believe it is just as important for each of us to apply that same discipline and evidence-based approach in heeding the advice of true, credentialed medical experts. We would encourage you all to take the time to listen to this presentation as well as the advice of the CDC, WHO, and other healthcare leaders in our country.

Please feel free to call or email us if there is anything you wish to discuss or a decision that needs to be made. Our investment process and planning approach hasn’t changed, but we are highly alert to how circumstances and markets are quickly changing.

Click link to hear Eventide Chief Investment Officer, Finny Kuruvilla, MD, PhD, shares his perspective on the current data and stories surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19):


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