Our People

Lauren Cothran

  • Concierge
  • Huntsville

Lauren joined the Huntsville office in 2019 and currently works as an administration concierge for the firm. Her work includes a variety of tasks ranging from planning events, coordinating meals and generally providing a helping hand to her fellow coworkers in whatever capacity is needed.

Known as being selfless by her friends; Lauren has a servant’s heart and truly wants to help the Huntsville team accomplish their goals by taking care of the details and helping make their lives easier. She accomplishes this by being organized, and on purpose to find new ways to serve others throughout the day. Here favorite quote she lives by is “Love God and love people”. One little-known fact is that when Lauren was 16 years old, she went on her first overseas mission trip to Costa Rica to help in an orphanage, on her own, without knowing anyone.

When she’s not at work, Lauren loves spending time with family and friends. As the baby of five siblings, she has plenty of nieces and nephews to keep her busy. In addition, she enjoys taking pictures, especially of sunsets, going on adventures, pouring into woman and volunteering in different areas of her church.