Our People

Ashton Crawford

  • IT Support Desk
  • Birmingham

In 2018, Ashton came on board at BMSS, where he works as the IT support desk in our Riverchase office. Ashton is a valuable asset to our team as he daily handles technical problems, such as software malfunction—especially CCH issues—and hardware replacement and assistance, and generally avails himself to support our firm in numerous technical ways.

Ashton is calm, relaxed, friendly and rarely stressed, which offers comfort to those dealing with technical difficulties. His service philosophy is “to always be truthful and straightforward and to always be patient and forgiving—especially since, a lot of times, none of us know what other people are going through.” Ashton also has a depth of creative passion that goes beyond IT. He is an artist who enjoys drawing, painting, music and singing. Additionally, Ashton is a climber and enjoys weightlifting, soccer, travel and playing Mario Brothers.

Ashton grew up in a large family—he’s the second oldest of 11 children—in the tiny town of Ashville, Alabama. Though Ashton misses the beautiful fields and sunsets of Ashville, he enjoys living in Birmingham for its art and architecture, and he’s learned that city life affords a few stellar sunsets too.