Laura Price
Laura Price

By: Laura Price

People see accountants as number crunchers, usually with pocket protectors and tape around their glasses to hold them together. Here at BMSS, we’re different. I am fortunate to work for a firm that values community involvement. It has become a key part of our culture and, in fact, one of our employee perks is that every employee receives 3 full days of paid time off for our own personal volunteer efforts. Some have used this opportunity to travel overseas for a mission trip, read to a first grade class for a few hours each month, or spend time helping to build a community garden. Through firm-wide serve days, our people across Alabama are able to get involved which fosters a culture of investment in our surrounding communities. So, as you consider getting involved in your community, here are five things to remember:

1. Know your passions and invest there. If you’re passionate about something, you’re more likely to be willing to put time into it, which is what non-profits need. They are looking for people willing to commit their time and that passion is key to sticking to the time commitment.

2. Don’t overcommit wherever you invest. Putting in a mile’s worth of effort is great, but make sure it is a mile deep and not a mile wide.

3. Use your skills to the non-profit’s advantage. If you are great at fundraising, fundraise! If you are a CPA, help with the budget!

4. But…don’t be afraid to learn new things. Being involved in the community has taught me about leadership and being a team player. Be willing to jump in wherever you are needed – you never know what you will learn!

5. Most importantly, have fun! Community involvement, while meaningful, can and should be fun. Having fun should be easy if you’re passionate about the cause, use your time wisely, and use your skills to your community’s advantage.

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