The due date for filing 2016 Forms W-2, W-2AS, W-2CM, W-2GU, W-2VI, W-3 and W-3SS with the SSA is now January 31, 2017, whether you file using paper forms or electronically.

Extensions of time to file.  Extensions of time to file Form W-2 with the SSA are no longer automatic.  For filings due on or after January 2017, you may request one 30-day extension to file Form W-2 by submitting a complete application on Form 8809, Application for Extension of Time to File Information Returns, including a detailed explanation of why you need additional time and signed under penalties of perjury.  The IRS will only grant the extension in extraordinary circumstances or catastrophe.

This does not affect extensions of time to furnish Forms W-2 to employees.

Please contact your BMSS professional if you have any questions or need further information at (205) 982-5500.

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