Celebratory tacos on my first day at BMSS pictured here.
Celebratory tacos on my first day at BMSS pictured here.

Written by Dana Marshall, CPA

In my first couple of years being in the “adult world,” I discovered a couple of dirty secrets that no one shares with you when you’re a college student on the hunt for your first big job. First, what you do and where you work shapes much more of your life than you would ever anticipate. Much like how choosing the right university shapes your college experience, where you work plays a vital role in what your life looks like as a whole (and let’s be real, your overall happiness). Second secret, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because great jobs and great places to work do in fact exist (praise hand emojis for all my fellow millennials).

I bought pretty hard into the mantra that was preached all through school “go to one of ‘these’ places for two years and then you’re set.” Well, I tried that, and learned that when your job leaves you feeling empty, there is no teamwork or camaraderie, and all your waking hours are spent working (yes, literally, all waking hours), you have to wonder if there is more. Good news, there is!

A friend of mine worked at BMSS, and he talked about his job like he genuinely loved it. At first I thought he was faking it, just talking about the firm and its perks as a way to sell it during the recruiting process, but over the course of time, I realized he wasn’t lying or faking it at all. When he said BMSS was looking for someone at my level, I jumped at the opportunity to come and interview. Here is what drew me to BMSS and what I have found to be true since I joined the BMSS family:

  • At BMSS, I am always a name, never a number. I am always viewed as a person with certain strengths and likes, not just an employee to be shipped out for work when available.
  • Great bosses care about what your life looks like outside of work. Not over-the-top involved with their nose in your business, but enough to ensure that you are able to have a life outside of work so you are a happy and productive employee.
  • Emphasis is placed on me understanding my work, not just getting the work done and leaving the “big picture” understanding to those at a higher level.
  • Ice cream and massages do, in fact, make busy season better.

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