New Electronic Process for Client Engagement Letters

BMSS Clients,

We are implementing new software that will allow you to electronically review, sign and return your annual Engagement Letter via the Internet using an Electronic Signature (E-Signature) application.

Here is how the process will work:

  • In the near future, you will receive an email from BMSS with an email address of echosign@echosign.com.
  • Please click the designated link to access your Engagement Letter that will be named <YourEmailAddress>.doc.
  • Simply follow the onscreen instructions to review and E-Sign your Engagement Letter. The green arrows will take you directly to the areas that need your attention.
  • After signing is completed, you will receive another email from donotreply@cpasafesign.com. Click the link in this email to download a final signed copy of your Engagement Letter.
  • If you do not wish to sign your Engagement Letter using E-sign, you may print the letter, sign it and mail or fax it to our office as you have done in the past.

To ensure you receive all email notifications, please be sure to add the following email addresses to your safe senders list so they are not treated as junk email or spam.

  • echosign@echosign.com
  • donotreply@cpasafesign.com
  • marketing@bmss.com

We hope you will enjoy this new E-Signature process, and we look forward to your feedback. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your BMSS CPA or our office at any time by calling (205) 982-5500.


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